Umbrage: Early sketch

Unlike “Mind and Body I” which began as a black charcoal sketch and then became a color pastel in the finished piece, “Umbrage,” which appears a couple entries down, began as a color oil pastel sketch before becoming a black and white painting in its finished form. I don’t know why. They take their own path, that’s all I can say. I first sent this “Umbrage” pastel to my brother David, thinking he would enjoy it. He didn’t. He sent it back, and I sent him what I now consider to be an insipid image called “Under Liberian Skies,” and sent this one off to my friend Bill who loved it.

It’s been fascinating for me, these last couple of days, revisiting images that I created more than ten years ago. The creative urge in me then was something exciting and frightening. I often made images that I hid away, fearful that anyone would ever see them. I felt as though I were crossing a line… a taboo, and yet, the urge to commit them to paper was greater than my fear of them being seen. Now I laugh, and revel in what I did, and wish that a benefactor would be so moved by my work that he/she would mount a retrospective of my creative journey, and that everyone could see what I kept hidden. Yes, I cringe at the thought of who I was, but more importantly, I validate and honor the journey and celebrate who I have become.

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