Monthly Archives: July 2008

My former 1966 Fury

I used to own this 1966 Fury III. It had the 318 V8 like my current wagon. I had this car 9 or 10 years ago. My brother and I rescued it from a junk yard. We replaced the transmission and reupholstered the seats, among other things to get it back on the road. I drove it back up to Northern Minnesota from North Carolina.

Car Show

Today my car was part of a small car show at the North Shore Federal Credit Union, to help celebrate their Member Appreciation Week. It was the LONGEST vehicle in the show.


It’s funny. Sometimes (often) I snap pictures of buildings only to find out later that they are significant somehow. Like that fish house that got demolished by a truck. Or the old East Bay Hotel. Those are two buildings that are no longer here. And in the case of this photo, I loved the way it looked in the morning light. There’s a sadness to it, and a beauty, too. It stood directly across the street from my house for quite a long time. Now It’s moved, and so transformed as to not be recognizable anymore. Stay tuned to my blog and maybe soon you’ll see how this building may become significant to me.