Monthly Archives: August 2008

Cast Party Last Night

Jane, Tim, Erin, Joe, Kurt, Beth. We had fun playing in Beth’s photo booth, and playing on her Wii.

Today is the last performance of our play, “Don’t Dress For Dinner.” It’s a matinee starting at 2 pm.

Dog’s Feet Move By Slow

I hung 13 paintings at the Coho Cafe in Tofte last weekend. Now I need to get a collection ready to hang at The Wild Onion in Grand Marais. I can hang much bigger pieces at the Onion, and that show will go up very soon.

Flash Meridian – rerun

In about 2000, I started writing an online sci-fi story called THE ADVENTURES OF FLASH MERIDIAN. I’m gearing up to re-publish the project at FLASH MERIDIAN. Anyway, in looking through all those old files, I came across another picture of Heather’s 1961 Valiant, “Houston.” The car played the part of Celeste Vela (Heather)’s spaceship.

Coho Cafe

This morning I hung my show of paintings at the Coho Cafe in Tofte, MN. I forgot to take my camera with me, so I’ll have to post pictures later. After hanging the show, I rushed back to Grand Marais to work at the Co Op. Long day. Now I’m off to another night doing the play.

I have two pieces of artwork on

Heather’s 1961 Plymouth Valiant

A while ago, I made a posting called “I let Heather drive my car” and in it, I referred to her ’61 Valiant, “Houston.” Here’s a picture of it behind my 1962 Chrysler (they would never have seen us coming!) Heather has a lot more pictures of the car – she even had her Senior portraits taken with it.


I did this painting two years ago or so, along with the one with the yellow background that was in DOG SHOW at the JHP. I just finished this one after leaving it alone all this time.