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And last, but not least, Corgi worlds.

Painter Tim Young is developing a series of fantastical paintings about Corgis, a Welsh herding dog. Young is sharing many of his latest paintings on his Facebook page, but you can find them all in their high-definition glory on his blog.

Corgis Below the Surface
Tim’s tongue-in-cheek explanation for “Corgis-Below-the-Surface” –

“July of every year, packs of corgis mysteriously appear below the surface of the Grand Marais Harbor. They swim and dance below the waves like fat otters. Fat, slow otters. Fat, slow otters without tails or webbed feet. OK, not much like otters at all. But they seem to enjoy it.”

Detail “Corgis Below the Surface”

Detail: Corgis below the surface
Here’s another in the Corgi series. He calls it “Corgis in Grand Marais.”

Tim: “Those crazy Corgis. They come up north in their gas-guzzling station wagons and take all the best parking spots. They’re cute though.”

Detail: Corgis in Grand Marais

Detail: Corgis in Grand Marais
Young has a show coming up at the Johnson Heritage Post at the end of July but hasn’t decided yet if he’ll include these paintings or not.

His “regular” work can be seen at the Angry Trout and the Last Chance Gallery in Lutsen.

Catch The Waves Membership Drive

WTIP asked me to create an image based on last year’s Radio Waves Music Festival artwork, for the membership drive coming up next week. Here it is. It’s always fun to work with WTIP, whether on the air or behind the scenes!

An Outrage!

Look what the TV show CHiPs did to this 1965 Plymouth Fury wagon! And as if that wasn’t bad enough…

It’s a disgrace! What is it I feel… FURY!