Secret Name

Fish in trees. It’s about camouflage, it’s about whimsy. It’s about fishing, logging, preserving and honoring the old growth pines that remain. It’s about remembering and imagining, celebrating and mourning. It’s about earthlings, whether they walk the paths, swim the lakes, or dig their roots deep to tower above the earth.

There are fish that walk on dry land, and even climb trees! In some parts of the world, they swim among mangrove roots, and in others, they climb the flood plain waters to pick fruit from high branches. Fish are sometimes dropped from trees by birds of prey, and sometimes mysteriously fall from trees in backyards to survive when put in water.

From across the room, I hope you see trees inviting and compelling enough to take a closer look, and then to be surprised by fish dancing in your swimming eyes.

I’ve dreamed of fish swimming through air only to duck behind furniture when I enter the room. I’ve dreamed of whales swimming above my bed on a cold winter night. All of these things and more influence what I paint, allowing me to share what migrates through my mind from time to time.

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