Monthly Archives: July 2015

Art and Math

I was certainly drawing and painting before I could read and write. That was my thing from early on. My own visual language developed over the years, not because I wanted to sell paintings… not even for the compliments I would get on what I created. It was my own means of expression, long before I had words to describe or explain the process or the meaning behind the images.

I thought I couldn’t do math. I never memorized my multiplication tables. All through elementary school, Jr. High and High School, even in to college, I believed that I COULD NOT do math. Then, as part of my nursing education, I had to take a math aptitude test. I thought “I might as well just quit now, because I can’t do math.” Then a college counselor shared a book with me called All The Math You’ll Ever Need. I took it home and read it cover to cover, and worked every equation in the book. Then I turned around and aced the test.

The big shock for me was when I realized that art is math. It’s all math. All the drawing I’d been doing my whole life was MATH!

My own misconceptions about myself held me back from achieving what I actually had the ability to do.

I do not want to allow fear to rule my life. I want to do those things that other people might think that I can’t do. More importantly, I want to step out of my comfort zone and do the things that I didn’t believe I could do.