Somewhere I read about the term “disambiguation” as relating to a species moving in to replace another species that had left the environment (extinction). Did I imagine this? Regardless, I like the word. Earlier, I had done an abstract painting that reminded me of a t-rex skeleton giving way to a flying bird, and I called it “Disambiguation”. Other abstracts from that time with a similar color scheme became part of my disambiguation series. Painting colorful fish into that painting made the abstract less ambiguous.

The other day, I played dinosaurs with my grandson, and then did a painting of dinosaurs in the trees, the way I’ve been painting fish into the branches of trees for years. So these themes evolve, too.

Liam brought me a plastic dinosaur and asked what kind it was. I looked on the underside of it to see if there was a name, but the only word there was CHINA. “Oh,” I said, “this is a Chinasaur.”

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