Q: What’s your favorite thing to paint?

A: This is going to sound like I’m making a joke, but I’m not. My favorite thing to paint is paintings. Seriously. I’m most known at this point for painting old growth white pines, but it’s not white pines, it’s paint on a surface that conjures up an image of white pines in your mind. So, the more a painting looks like an object or representational form like a landscape, a still life, a portrait… the more it looks like something other than a painting, the more of a lie it is. So I like a painting to look like a painting, and even when you look at my paintings of white pines, or animals or fish, there’s always a twist to it. You see the brush strokes, you see the paint, you see that I scratch into it with the opposite end of the paintbrush. These are all things that say, alright, you see a fish, but it’s a painting.

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