We are all intrinsically spiritual. Our spirit is the real us… the invisible part of us that animates our bodies. It’s the part of us that dreams. The part that wonders and creates. We need the physical part to inform the intangible part, and also to express or translate our thoughts back out into the physical world.

If someone asks what I look like, I might send them a picture of my face. It looks a bit like my father’s face. And my grandfather’s face. But my body is not me. It’s just the vehicle I ride around in. It’s an incredibly complex tool I use to explore the world, and to express my feelings. The real me is unphotographable.

We get a limited time in these bodies… a limited time to use these fingers to hold a paintbrush, these vocal chords to tell a story. So the creative marks I leave on the world are spiritually driven.

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