I have an urge to create things, whether they are paintings, written stories, digital art or any other medium.

I create things first for myself. I love the act of creating something. I love to see a painting come together on a blank canvas, or a story or essay appear on a blank page. So the act, or process of making something is very enjoyable, and I like to look at or read what comes out.

That is a good thing, because when I look at the stats on my blog, I see that very few other people look at what I put there, and I’m sure even fewer read what I’ve written.

I’m ok with that! Of course I’d like to have a wider audience, and maybe that will come about in time. Sometimes I think people might discover my writings after I am dead. Better late than never!

I do like to get approval from others, but that, or the lack of it doesn’t make or break me.

What’s really fun, is when someone in the mainstream media picks up on what I’ve done. That is really validating for me.

Chris Casey from the Duluth News Tribune, Jason Davis from ABC Channel 5 in the Twin Cities, Will Moore from WTIP and others have covered my science fiction autobiography, which I’ve been working on for 18 years. I love that, but if approval from others was more important to me, I’d have given up long ago.

I share my work on the World Wide Web because it lets me easily self-publish. I like to share what I’ve done with friends, and it is an opportunity to widen my audience.

I didn’t grow up with social media. When I was in 5th or 6th grade, my teacher saw that my two best friends and I were making a little newspaper. He supported us by involving the rest of the class, and “publishing” our project by mimeographing it. I’m doing something similar today through my blogs and my Facebook page.

I don’t think I’m much different than other people. I think we’re all unique, and we’re all similar at the same time. We all have our different talents and motivations.

It seems that people think I’m different. I guess I like to focus on things we have in common.

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