I believe I am a creative person because I create images and stories. I take my imagined scenarios and interpret them through paint or the written word. With the stroke of a paintbrush or tapping on a keyboard, I can make those invisible thoughts visible. As much as I would like to say that I’m not influenced by the views of other people, this is not really true. I know that I am creating for the public, so I want to inspire and entertain. Do I need everything to be perfect? No. Do I need everything to be beautiful? No.

The particular culture of the small town I live in is supportive. It seems to understand the role of artists here. Some of us are lucky enough to live here. Others flock to the area for festivals, and classes.

People don’t always understand my creative endeavors, but on some level, they understand me. I think they are sometimes surprised when I talk about my work, and that dialogue can make a lot of difference.

There is no one right answer to the meaning. I share my thoughts and my motivation, but I love it when someone sees something in my work that I was not aware of.

When viewing art or listening to music, we bring our whole life along with us. We see and hear everything through the filter of our accumulated experience. Original intent is what the artist did, but that is not the whole story. Not even close. Multiply that original viewpoint by the number of viewers who see it.

The ripples go out.

Maybe I am inspired by the work of another artist. I paint my impression of something about their work. Someone else may get an idea from what I’ve done, and so on. Our influence travels out from us, in ways we will never know. It laps against the shore far away, and may bring up treasures we never dreamed of.

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