No One But You

I think creativity is a response. Whether I am hurt, inspired, afraid or hopeful, I respond by acknowledging these feelings through images or the written word.

I don’t always see the finished product in my head before I start it. It is a process. Creativity is the way I sort through the feelings.

When I find a jumble of knotted cords in a drawer or closet, I don’t see the solution. I just find an end and start unraveling them. Before long, I have separate extension cords or useable headphones.

My brain feels like a jumble of tangled strings. My emotions feel overwhelming until I start to slowly untie them. I begin to see how they are connected.

When I paint, I just start somewhere and keep going until I’ve organized the paint in a way that makes sense to me.

Honestly, the thing I do to get into a creative mindset is to pick up a paintbrush, and dip it into a color.

The message I try to put into every painting is that this is my story. You can tell your story any way you want to. Just as your story is different from mine, your method of telling it will be different, too.

You can trust yourself, because you are the expert on being you.

No one else can express your thoughts and feelings. No one but you.

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