Nobody gets to tell me how to feel, what to think or what to believe.

Not a friend, a family member, a therapist. Certainly not a preacher or politician.

I have the powers of observation and recollection. I have the ability to assimilate information. I can recognize what rings true to me, and I can even tell the difference between fiction and lies.

I am open to new ways of thinking when I find that my approach needs updating.

If we attended the same meeting or party at the same time, our impressions would be different. If we read the same book, or watched the same movie, our reviews would be different.

We don’t have to think the same, and we will not think the same.

Everyone sees the world through their own eyes, through the unique filter of their experiences and perspective.

We don’t need to be convinced or persuaded. Your way is not the only way. A different way is not wrong.

It just IS.

I know a lot of people who think that everything hinges on their very narrow, very specific way of thinking… their definite authoritative tenet.

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