Refrigerator Magnets

I believe that creativity comes naturally to people. Acting on that creativity does not. That’s why not everyone is an artist. I think you have to be willing to do things poorly so that you can learn to do it well. You have to be willing to be misunderstood. Expressing your creativity through art is a skill that has to be developed, or at least embraced. This goes way beyond painting. Every failed attempt is a lesson. When you learn another way not to do something, you’re one step closer to finding your right way.

I tend to be very critical of the me I was in the past. Thirty years ago. Forty years ago. I see my old self as closed minded, insecure and uninteresting.

My brother suggested that I forgive my former self and learn to accept him for what he was and the conditions that he was in.

Yes, my mind has opened some, but it can still open further. I heard a warning years ago “We must keep an open mind, but not so open that our brains fall out.”

I want my mind to open that far, and discover that it’s attached. Keeping your mind closed for fear of losing something tells me that your mind is made up and you’re not willing to learn or adapt.

I want to expose myself to things I may have never considered before. And I don’t want to stop there. I want to keep pushing against those doorstops and sticky hinges. I don’t want to have my mind made up. I don’t want all the answers. The things that ring true for me will stick until they don’t. They’re refrigerator magnets. Thoughts can be updated or replaced.

I don’t believe everything I hear.

What if you held so tightly to Bronze Age ideas that you closed your mind to modern science?

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