I find artist’s statements and resumes, introductions in general, off putting. They tend to be either boring or snooty. A list of past jobs doesn’t really tell me anything about you. Accomplishments don’t tell me what you were like when you did them.

If we are introducing ourselves, of course we want to put our best foot forward… we want to present the best version of ourselves that we can.

I like to say I am an artist and writer. These are things I do, and things I am passionate about. They are a process rather than a laurel, and then if you ask, I can show you or tell you what I’ve accomplished.

I prefer to meet someone by my bonfire pit, and then discover their talents along the way.

I still have to write artist’s statements. Mine don’t usually include where I studied or where I am employed. I am happy to share this information.

You don’t need a diploma or degree to be interesting and relevant. Not everyone is defined by their job. Not everyone needs a job at all. You’re valid either way.

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