More light

Tonight is the darkest night of the year. Our Christmas lights are glowing for any passers-by, and we lit a bonfire beneath a hazy moon. We need to be comfortable in the dark, or we’ll miss out on half of our life.

It’s not so cold out, and there’s no wind. I chopped up some wood and Raymond and I looked into the fire remembering those we’ve lost, and the things that made us feel gloomy this year. It’s not sad to let go of the gloominess those things brought. We will always remember our loved ones. Though we still grieve, we release the grip of sadness and watch it waft up in smoke, through the branches and into what lies beyond.

Others were here and left us for other places. We wish them well. We are different because they were here.

We live, we learn, we live some more until we don’t anymore. Then others can throw a piece of wood onto the fire and remember us.

There is more light coming. Let’s not waste it.

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