2020 has been a rough year. They come that way sometimes. But it’s been a year, and it’s winding down. The universe doesn’t care about our calendars. It’s like when you cross a state line and nothing really changes. Borders and calendar dates are just things we made up in our minds in an attempt to define certain things, and then we act like our silly demarcations rule the thing we superimposed them over.

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful year, too.

Collectively, we’ve been given the opportunity to see things a little differently. To appreciate things more. To appreciate people more.

The first day of January will look a lot like December, kind of the way Wisconsin looks a lot like Minnesota.

My house is almost empty this year, on the night before Christmas Eve. We’ll get through this, a little more self reliant than we were. There are fewer people to drink the egg nog, and eat the pie. Fewer of us on the couch watching movies.

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