I’ve been inspired and empowered by many people, beginning with my family.

My mother taught me to be present and interested. She made me feel loved and important to her.

My father taught me to be interested in a vast array of topics. He would look up into the night sky and point out constellations. He always seemed to draw a spiritual lesson. He asked questions that made me think. We lived in a big old house. The door from the dining room to the hall was closed, and there was a marked difference in temperature from the warm dining room to the cold hall at the bottom of the stairway. If I were to put a candle in that open doorway, which direction would the flame lean?

One of us parked our car in the garage in winter, and another parked outside. Everything else being equal, who would get better gas mileage, and why?

What kind of animal lives in a dog house?

He is interested in aviation, language and accents, travel, history, music, astronomy, anatomy and physiology, and shared facts and life lessons with us whenever they came to his mind.

My brother is generous with his interests. I’ve heard it said that an interesting person is one who is interested in others. My brother joined me in my pursuit of our family tree. He pays attention to detail in a way that doesn’t come naturally to me. I seek out people to talk to which may not always be comfortable for him.

He took up a challenge from one of my blog posts and drew the same thing over and over, and shared the results with me.

He validated me at a time when I felt lost and defensive.

Each of my brothers is brilliant and creative, and each one has unique areas of interest and knowledge. Each of them is an inspiration to me.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am still stumped on the question about the kind of animal that lives in a DOG house, although I can still hear your amazing dad asking that question over and over!!

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