I took several days off from throwing pots, because I was in the process of bisque firing the 70 or so pots that had been accumulating on the shelves in my studio. As soon as they came out of the kiln, I glazed most of them and they went right back in for their final firing. The rest are waiting for their turn. It was a nice break. I painted, and started to get to know the new pots. They transform, you know. You think you know someone…

After work yesterday, I found myself home alone. That’s unusual. So I threw a couple of pieces. A small bottle with a stopper, and a bowl. And so it starts up again. I was up early this morning, inscribing and trimming.

Every time I go through the process, I learn something new. I learn what worked. What I want to do again. There are so many variables, that it never happens quite the same. There is always a surprise.

Pottery has given me a new appreciation for acrylic painting… for the immediacy of it. You can just dip a brush into paint and apply it to a surface. It’s that quick. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment like a wheel or kiln. It’s not a long process. I think the two mediums go hand in hand. They complement each other.

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