I made another fish bowl

I made several pieces over the weekend. One is this fish bowl. I made it to match the cup I used at work last week. I spent quite a lot of time looking at the design which only took me a minute or two to inscribe into the wet clay. There is a different feel that happens when the clay is wet, rather than leather hard.

I want to glaze it the same way, too, with that cobalt blue, and wipe it away in places to give that pop of brown clay, and the wonderful surprises that happen along the transition line and in the recesses.

I love the texture of the drawings against my fingers. It gives a secure grip, and a connection to things I love. Art, time alone in my studio, connecting to my innermost self… When that path becomes well worn, as it has, it is easily accessible… almost effortless. Some days, a touchstone like this may assist me.

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