Guardianship Hearing Tomorrow Morning

For most people, guardianship is not the warm fuzzy relationship it is for us. When Summer and I met, it was my intention to adopt her along with her two brothers. Unfortunately she aged out of foster care before we could reach adoption day. DHS and the court determined that she was not competent to sign an adoption release for herself. In an attempt to create permanency and family with Summer, I became her guardian, but in our hearts, I am her father and she is my daughter. The day I became her guardian, October 3, 2019, we changed her last name to mine. The judge asked me on that day if I could think of a less restrictive alternative to guardianship for Summer. I again suggested adoption, and of course that was not an option. I said I could not think of a less restrictive option. The court agreed and granted guardianship. I reiterate this to affirm that I understand the gravity of this relationship for a 20 year old woman like Summer. I do not take this role lightly, and I do not receive any compensation for it.

Guardianship by nature brings restrictions. It’s true that Summer needs supervision and support, but I think what Summer needs more than anything is unconditional and appropriate love and acceptance.

I tell Summer and all of my kids that there is nothing wrong with them. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own strengths and challenges in life. Because of this, Summer has a lot to teach me, just as I can support and nurture her.

I will advocate for her, I will march beside her, I will fight for her and I will love her always.

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