Over the last couple of years I have watched a lot of YouTube videos of potters.

I’ve learned a lot this way. I learned how to throw a pot. I learned what I like and what I don’t like in pottery. 

I see people making their pots smooth and perfect. 

If I wanted a perfect cup or plate, or if I wanted all of my pieces to match, and have consistent, bright, glossy colors, I would probably just buy them at Target. 

I was telling a friend today that I want to leave a remnant of myself in the piece. 

I’ve always said I want my work to look old. I want it to look like it was dug up, or found in a shipwreck. Maybe stored in a tomb for thousands of years. I’m inspired by the surface of rock walls and petroglyphs. 

If I carve a fish into a piece, it is a unique drawing that flows out the end of my stylus, not stamped. Every drawing is different. 

I’m working on a full set of dinnerware. The cups are pretty much the same size, but different. The glaze colors are applied haphazardly, and then left to chance again when they melt and run in the kiln. 

They go together but they don’t match.

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