I’ve said from the very beginning that I want my pottery to look old. I was inspired by the rock walls along riverbanks, with their lichen and mineral deposits. I looked at a lot of colonial pottery from New England, and find some of their characteristics surfacing in my own pieces.  I look at neolithic bowls and ancient Egyptian artifacts. Several of my new bottles/vases remind me of the “Baghdad Battery.” Others look like canopic jars or kohl pots. These influences mix with my own experiences and ideas. Obviously, my pots are contrived. I have to have a plan for what I am going to make.  Sometimes the clay seems to have a mind of its own, and brings surprises to the process of throwing clay. The glaze always brings surprises. In this way, I can look at my own work almost as an outsider.

“Baghdad Battery”
The Nile Delta (view from the ISS)
Voluptuous Jug

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