People ask me how I discovered my creative niche. The truth is, I don’t remember discovering it, and am not sure I have. I just did what I did, and doubted myself all along the way. But I found comfort and joy in it, so I kept going from one day to the next. That path has led me to where I am now, but this is not a destination. It’s just the next day. I guess it will be a destination on the last day I do this. 

People are always telling me what I can’t do. If I want to try something, I just do it. I sometimes surprise people. I often surprise myself. There is no risk in making creative attempts, even if they don’t work out like I had envisioned. Every experience teaches me something. Some are happy accidents that feel at first like derailment. Later on, I realize switching tracks can redefine my expression.

It doesn’t have to be a jarring mishap. I find new directions through play.

If I like something, or if I am intrigued, I go a little deeper and develop that story. It doesn’t happen overnight. What comes out may have been steeping a long time.

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