Confidence is attractive

When certain “experts” get too exclusive and pompous about art, they drain all the fun and wonder out of it.

People love to ruin things by attaching their rules and arrogance to something that is naturally validating and organic.

There’s a place and an audience for their lectures, but we don’t need that in order to create or appreciate art. 

Some artistic endeavors turn out more successful than others, but they are all valid. In the end it’s the expectation that makes it work or not. What was your goal in documenting this creative urge? Some have claimed that art is never finished. Or art is never finished, only abandoned. It’s also been said that a work of art is finished when the artist achieves their intention. 

I love hearing kids talk about their art. They speak with confidence, and trust their hand to make images that are just right. This boldness inspires me.  I’ve received so many messages that make me doubt myself, especially when painting a commission or a portrait. 

Confidence is attractive, not only in art, but in every aspect of life. I believe confidence is a characteristic of a leader. It’s less important to know where you are going than to just go there and discover something.  Maybe you will discover a wrong answer. That would be helpful, because you will have learned something along the way. You can keep trying. If you don’t give up, you will find a solution. 

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