Lempi and Poika

This morning it is -6 degrees outside, but I’m cozy in my hyggekrog.  As much as I love interacting with people, I am enjoying the solitude of my cozy, quiet house.  I know this winter will go by fast, because I am transitioning to a new town, and developing a new daily routine.  One of the biggest changes for me has been enjoying my sauna!  My neighborhood is Finntown, though most people refer to it as “downtown”.  While house shopping, I noticed that many of the homes had saunas, and that became a priority for me.  Another selling point of this house was NO BASEMENT!  Reading through the abstract for the house, I see that Finns have lived here before me, and that makes me happy.  Most of the fixtures in the house are original, so I know that Elsie and her husband Viljo Laakso stood at the same sink, ate in the same kitchen, walked up and down the same stairs as I do now.  The plumbing in the sauna looks old and beautiful.  Today is my 31st day in this house, and I have had 29 saunas in that time.  Almost all of my boxes are unpacked.  I’ve moved furniture around a bit to find how it will best work for me here.  Bringing my furniture and art into this house made it immediately feel like home.  The cats feel it, too.  Within a day or two, they were settled in.  They love the view from my bedroom window.  Today is a perfect day to bask in the sunshine flooding in, enjoy my coffee and some good food, light a candle given to me by a friend, and think about how happy I am to be here.

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