Nothing to Prove

Earlier this week, I listened to a podcast about one hit wonders.  The show was really about creativity.

I’ve never had a global hit, but on a small scale, I’ve had multiple creative successes in my life.  Back in 2000, I came up with Flash Meridian, which was featured on TV, in magazines and newspapers here in Minnesota.  I’ve kept going with that story ever since.

At some point I began painting fish in the branches of trees, and people responded to that.  Success was measured in paintings sold.

The podcast pointed out that many artists (musical, visual or otherwise) don’t have a follow-up success because they fear not living up to the initial success.  Those who are successful after a hit, often stick with the same style or theme, and are not able to venture out into new styles.  They stick with what worked for them before.

My successes in life are measured by my own arm’s length.  I do what I do and sometimes put it out into the world.  I am free to create whatever I want to, and the only expectations that have limited me have been my own.

I am blinking in the light of a new city.  No one knows me here… yet.  My happiness in life does not depend on notoriety in a new town, but it will be interesting to see how my vision can translate.  I have nothing to prove.

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