I know that the things I think a lot about manifest themselves in my day to day life.

Thinking about a painting leads me to create an image on canvas. 

After seeing the Green Hornet movie, I found myself with a 1965 Imperial Crown. 

The best example I can think of, though, is how I ended up in my new house and community. I walked around the blocks on google earth. I imagined riding my bike around the local lakes, and traced the path of the Mesabi Trail through my neighborhood. I was focused on being here, and now I am here. 

When things aren’t going the way I had wanted or expected them to, I need to understand.  I need to talk or write about it so that I can either change it or accept it. 

Sometimes the “negative” thing is actually the better option for me. I can only know this by exploring it.

Dark and light are both necessary and inevitable. I don’t have to hide, deny or keep silent about anything that I feel. 

I wrote earlier about the scary things in my life. They are part of me, and worth investigating so that I can move ahead. 

It’s not good enough for me to sweep things under the rug and pretend they are not there. Those uncomfortable things, those intimidating things are just outside of my comfort zone. It is no reflection on them, but on my understanding of them. 

Just as there are valuable antique bottles buried in outhouse pits, there may be priceless artifacts in the pits within my life. 

So I probe and dig cautiously. Still, I dig. 

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