300 Days

I’m amazed at how quickly the past three hundred days have gone by. 

I took the first couple of months off to get settled, and to heal. Yes, heal. I was broken. I could hardly walk. In the 30 years prior, I owned two homes, neither of which had a second story. Now that I was in a home where not only my bedroom, but also my kitchen was upstairs, I was having trouble getting up and down the staircase. 

I’d made plans about the things I would do in my new town, and I started doing a few of them. It was winter, so I couldn’t do everything right away. Some stuff had to wait until spring. I didn’t even know what my yard looked like yet!  That didn’t keep me from rolling in the snow mid-sauna.

I joined the Senior Citizens Center, Friends of the Greenhouse (FROG), Dream Machines Car Club and the bike trail association.  I was even hired by the city to serve on the Human Rights Commission. In April, I began full time healthcare work, and then six months later, was approved for my social security benefits. November first, I will be done working full time, and will drop down to casual as long as that works for me. 

I got back into my old hobby of owning, enjoying and showing classic cars. I no longer own the two vehicles I brought with me, and I finally have an AWD daily driver, which is pretty much a necessity in the northland. 

In late summer, I adopted a dog. My cats and I have known her since she was a puppy, so the transition was an easy one. 

I think the gallery has sold out of all my paintings, so I’ve been working on new ones, and look forward to having more time to work on them, and get new work up for sale. 

Raymond is 21, and is doing great in his new place. This month marks one year since he got out from under my wing. He has a job that he enjoys, and has made new friends where he lives, about an hour’s drive from my house. 

I’ve enjoyed visits from various friends and family members in my quirky, cozy house. 

To be in this house as long as I was in the last one, I’d pretty much have to live to be 100.  Goals. 

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