I’ve spent much of my life waiting for my ship to come in.  I don’t mean a boatload of treasures.  Today I was thinking about so many wonderful things I have owned in my life, and let slip through my fingers.  Maybe I didn’t realize the value of some of the possessions… cars in particular.  But we can’t keep everything.  I’ve owned four houses, and have filled them with things.  I couldn’t move it all.  No, the ship I’ve been waiting for is contentment.  Peace, maybe.  But these are feelings, and change often.  So I will enjoy them as they come.  All the objects are temporary, as well.  They can enhance our experience in these physical bodies, which are objects.  I think our ship comes in to carry us away when we’re ready to leave even our body behind.  It’s only natural.  Until that ship comes in, I’ll enjoy the physical environment I’ve built around me.  This space I’ve assembled is conducive to creativity. In my fortress, I’m safe to think and express. 

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