Today is “Holy Saturday”.  I only know that because I asked Google.  I am not a religious person, despite  the great lengths many people went to in order to make me one.  At my last job, I was described as a “Free Spirit” which I far prefer.  I’m not a follower.  I do not accept the conclusions of anyone else.  I watch and I listen.  I sift as best I can, and am willing to…. no… I revel in throwing away the tailings.  I think I was one of the lucky ones, to get this untrusting brain.  It has saved me from swallowing agenda hooks even when that worm or leech looks so tasty, and I am hungry.  Among the uneconomic fractions to dispose of, are toxic people.  They stomp their feet, warning me with threats that come from their church-drunk stupor.  I don’t really care to tell other people how to live their lives, or what to believe.  I am busy enough trying to discern the valuable ore that is right there in front of me.  It is so easy to ingest the poison.  You can just sit there and accept what someone else claims is best for you.  I am not bitter.  Not angry.  I’m not sad.  What I am is grateful.  I don’t mind being offensive, especially to those who I find offensive.  I will happily follow my own heart… I will accept what makes sense to me even if it leaves everyone around me gasping and fearful for me.. or more likely, envious.  Understand that I grew up in an extreme belief system.  It wants everyone to conform.  It wants to obliterate everything that doesn’t follow its dogma.  It wants to wipe out culture and convince you that you are bad, unworthy and wrong.  Why do so many believe that about themselves?  So I’m not trying to convince you what to think,  only to think.

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