Glaze vs. Paint

I recently got my wheel out, and have been throwing pots for the first time since moving to this house.  We’ve had some beautiful days, so I’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine.  My dog and I spend hours out back together.

For years, I’ve had this idea… a dream, really, of glazing ceramic pieces in a way that is similar to my acrylic painting style.  Well, glaze isn’t paint, and I really need to understand that!  What ends up happening over and over again, is that I am disappointed with the results.  It’s because I had an unrealistic expectation.

My friends see the final pieces and say they are beautiful.  It takes me a long time to come to terms with them because I can’t let go of the initial idea.  At the same time, people who don’t know this, tell me my cups and bowls look like my paintings!

So it’s a learning process every time.  And I’m a slow learner.

Sieni kahvia

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