Wayside Rest

I’ve been working this past week on 5 new acrylic paintings, and have posted them to my blog in stages. Now they are done, and I’ll post a couple here. You can look back at my two previous posts to see the changes. This one is called “Wayside Rest” which I got from a sign on my way to the gallery. A wayside rest is a place to relax on your journey… whether you pull the car over and find a shady spot of green with dappled colors filtering down, or the mental rest that comes from laughing with a friend. Hugging. Anything other than the mundane business of life.

2 thoughts on “Wayside Rest

  1. Timouth

    How interesting that you should ask that… if it was a quesiton. The idea of spawning salmon did not occur to me in regard to this particular painting, but it was a powerful symbol that occurred in my writing back when I made a pilgrimage back to Romeo MI the summer Disney’s Pocohantus came out. My returning to where I was a child reminded me of salmon returning to the place where they were spawned. Maybe I’ll share that poem with you one of these days. 🙂

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