Two Things: 30″ x 22″

1. Back when I had a little coffee shop/art gallery housed in a vintage railway caboose (there was a goldfish pond out back), I had a dream one night where I walked into the caboose, and saw a fish swimming behind the cash register. That image has stuck with me, and I’m fascinated by the thought of fish swimming behind objects in the air.

2. I was hanging a show in a beautiful little cafe one night. There was a couple there taking down their photographs of northern lights. The woman said to me “Don’t you ever get tired of painting fish?” I was puzzled. I had abstracts, paintings of trees, fish, dogs… and EVERY one of their pictures was of northern lights over trees.

No, I don’t get tired of painting trees or fish. When I do, I’ll stop.

It occurs to me that putting these fish in the forest air is similar to, or opposite of (which is it?) the time I put all those corgis under the water…

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