People often ask me if it’s difficult for me to let go of my paintings when they sell. I tell them it’s harder when they stay around the house and don’t sell! My paintings are like my fingerprints that I am leaving on the world. They may be around for a long time after I am gone. That’s a pretty cool thought!

After my grandfather died, my aunt gave me some of his books, one of his paintings and a box of his paintbrushes. They went missing several years ago (other than the painting). The other day, I went into the local budget shop, and pulled a book of landscape painting off the shelf. Opening the front cover, I saw the name Alfred A. Young inscribed. My first thought was “how odd that somebody has the same name as my grandfather.” Then I realized, this is one of his books that had been missing.

It has taken me a couple of days to get over the hurt of not having those books returned to me. Now I choose to treasure the book as a reminder of my grandfather, and am happy for his fingerprint in the form of the book and the return of one thing that had been his.

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  1. Unknown

    I'm getting ornery, I have tried over and over to leave a post and must give up, but a big hug to you, Tim. I will see if your blog
    will accept one simple comment. I like them, duh,but has anyone commented on the relationship you bring to these wonderful
    paintings about the two major northern industries you display without a word about the lumber industry and the fishing industry?

    Son Tory keeps begging me for your paintings so I am looking at what you might have for him that I might be able to buy after
    Jan. 1st.

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