Household Name

My friend Anne once told me not to feel bad about painting the same subject over and over. She said if you paint it once, one person can have it. If you paint it many times, many people can have one, and that’s how you can become a household name.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the same painting again, but that is not true. They evolve subconsciously. I wouldn’t be able to do the same painting twice if I tried.

These fish in trees paintings are hanging in many homes now, and that’s a good feeling.

I was feeling stressed after work this morning. I was so wound up I couldn’t just go to bed. So I went into my studio and painted for an hour or so. It relaxed me and gave me some clarity, or at least calmed my mind enough to go to bed.

Working the night shift takes a toll, even though I love my job. As I said in an interview once, my jobs are things I do, but art is who I am.

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