I made a jar out of clay, and then over about three days, I made a lid for it. It fit so perfectly, and was integrated into the lines of the jar. Today I broke it. I was so disappointed! I tried to tweak it, even though I thought it looked perfect.

I didn’t even get a picture of it.

This happens. Things break. I don’t leave well enough alone. I disappoint myself. I try again. The cat stole my sponge again.

That’s a fitting end for this year, I guess.

I’m making a new lid, and we’re about to start a new year.

I’m not looking for some magical new beginning. We continue where we left off, and try to do our best. It’s hard to feel hopeful when so much of the news is bad. I try to maintain hope right here, and manifest positive change within my own reach. I believe this is possible.

I’ve been fortunate to have full time work during this global pandemic. I have more interests than I have time to devote to them, and a mind that is open to learning new things. Like pottery. Like the Finnish language. Like my family tree.

I find my own thoughts to be entertaining. As I generally do in winter, I make plans for the places we will visit and things we will do in the spring and summer.

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