I am hard of hearing. When I take my hearing aids out, I’m pretty much deaf.

For quite a while, my hearing aids haven’t been much of a help. A couple of days ago, I got beefed up speakers and tulip domes to use until my new molds are ready in a couple of weeks.

Those of you who hear probably have no idea what a boost in sound does to you.

I’ve become clumsy. I drop things. I become irritable. I try to get my kids to speak more quietly, when they have gotten used to speaking in a louder voice for me.

If that acoustic component weren’t enough, the domes themselves irritate my ear canals, and it will take a week or two for me to acclimate to them.

By the time they hopefully feel comfortable, I will transition to the molds, and start this process again.

My daughter was talking today about when I got my first hearing aids. I stared at the refrigerator and asked several times if it always made that noise. I thought there was something wrong with it.

The world is full of sounds that I had forgotten, and it can be overwhelming.

It’s such a relief to take them out.

I’m a Finlander. I don’t want to hear everything everyone says.

I have teenagers. They are noisy.

Maybe I should just take them out from time to time throughout the day. The devices and the teenagers.

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