Note to self

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to help someone who doesn’t want your help.  You will stress yourself out and become exhausted.  At the same time, you will annoy the person you wanted to assist.  Sometimes, love means backing off.  Stay out of situations you can’t change.  Maybe recite the serenity prayer while you hike a river or watch a bonfire.  You can’t fix everything.  Everyone doesn’t share your agenda or your ideals.  People have their own lessons to learn!  You can’t learn for them.  They won’t learn from your experience.  The learning is hard, but necessary, and so is your own comfort and peace.  Learn to let go.  Take a deep breath, and then when you exhale, dispel the worry and fear with it.  You’re not a superhero.  You can’t save the world.  You have gifts.  Among them are love and limitations.  Sometimes you have to love from a distance.  With an open heart, step back.  You have your own life to manage.

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