The Awakening

Today I looked through a stack of paintings for the one that I need to deliver to someone.

I looked through all of them, and picked out several that seemed interesting to me, or that seemed like they wanted to tell me something. It helps that time has passed since I  painted them, or even looked at them, because all expectation has long since vanished, and I can see them for what they are rather than what I am trying to make them into.

I liked the brushstrokes in this one.  As I spent more time with it, it reminded me of a picture I made 22 years ago. I photoshopped myself into a white cooler with a pale turquoise glow for one of the early episodes of Flash Meridian.  And it made me think of Nebula X in her coffin like box in episode four. Other scenarios come to mind when I look at this. I see tomb robbers. I see Darth Vader in the Death Star. I see cleaning supplies. I see a portal or box.

These brushstrokes and marks are playful. They tell you different things, but they never lie to you.

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